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Ishadows's gameplay for War Rock (PC)

Ishadows played War Rock

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Ishadows said...
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Hahahahaa no mames,jugue esta madre ayer y estaba cagado de risa!!!,esta super noob!! lmao!!!!,pero aun asi puede que lo podamos jugar jeka y yo,asi que no esta tan malo,asi nos reimos los 2!.

Nada como A.V.A.,los jugadores de este juego son unos totales noobs hahahaha
War Rock

War Rock (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 08/FEB/07
Emblem for RedWings

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que desempeñó con su madre? que es muy fresco. tan mala cómo hizo ella? traductor Google para la victoria: D
lol,what? XD
haha.. i guess google tranlate isnt as good as i thought :P

i said something along the lines of...
did you say you played with your mother? how good is she?
google translate for the win!
lol no its cuse here in mexico we say "esta madre" like this thing,its stupid i know but you know thats culture i guess...BTW esta madre its like this motherin english omg wtf lmao!
**BTW "Esta madre" its like,this mother in english
haha i see. so I read it completley wrong lol
yea NP :P
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